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The experience of fishing in Majorca

Published On December 9, 2013 | By portal2013BLOG | Leisure & Sport

This past weekend we both travelled fishing in Majorca. The spot was sprinkled with many remains. In the background, the particular upright smokestack was in fact our navigational guidebook the whole holiday weekend.

“You’re fishing in Majorca, aren’t you?” wanted to know our colleagues, slightly envious. We had always wanted to spend the a weekend break like this however we never seemed to strike the suitable time period. Effectively, that was the right choice, so we could organise two days about a chance to access a fish as well as game reserve in Badia de Palma, a recommended spot for fishing in Majorca within the south-east in the island.

On Saturday night time, after having a great fishing in Majorca journey we went to have meal in a tiny restaurant tucked away inside a farmhouse, not really proclaimed on the exterior. We were so shocked and we were addressed such as relatives, being offered a number of meals and cocktails till late.

Morning arrived more quickly than we thought, so we headed over to the reserve to spend our ultimate day of fishing in Majorca. It absolutely was the kind of spot we have alluring late-night desires. A significant bay flanked by the gorgeous surroundings of the island, plenty of yachts set for the fishing in Majorca.

We were able to find an impossibly large shadow within the water of the far bank, just for a couple of seconds before it eased into the milky water. The guide of the fishing Majorca expedition informed us it might apt to be a carpa, but many of us weren’t that certain…

No matter the case, we could possibly have a nice amazing fishing in Majorca weekend. We’re looking to do it again very soon and we are likely to go fishing in Barcelona, as well.

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